B2B and SaaS Copywriting

Most business owners think they know what they want to say...

But end up with unclear messaging that only makes sense to them.

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Stop creating your copy "on the fly" and hire a professional who gets your business

Most businesses are at a loss for what to say to their customers.

Maybe they put a few words from their founder on their website and leave it at that, but they’re not confident that they’re saying the right thing.

If you want other businesses to buy from you, you’ve got to do 3 things:

  1. Show you’re an expert

  2. Clearly state what makes you unique

  3. Do it quickly

Most businesses mess this up with their websites, emails, landing pages, and ads. They don't realize how big it is costing them.

But Hiring a Copywriter Comes With Its Own Downsides, Too… Right?

Of course, here’s a copywriter pitching his services. How can I trust that he's going to write anything that accurately describes my business?

Well, this is where a few different factors come into play.

First, I only write about niches I have some understanding of already. You won’t catch me selling quantum computers or pitching medical devices… I know nothing about those.

Additionally, we’ll hop on the phone for an interview that will pull out all the operative points you need to make.

If you’ve worked with copywriters before, you’ve probably got a long list of problems and issues that make you never want to work with them again.

Based on my many calls with clients, I've isolated 3 big frustrations they have with copywriters:

1) How brutal is it to hop on the phone with someone who is supposed to be writing the key part of your funnel… and they turn out to be total downers? I’m not afraid of the phone and know it’s the best way to pull great ideas out of you.

2) Copywriters ghost all the time. Or they don’t check their emails and wonder why you’d be worried that you hadn’t heard from them in 3 days and have a deadline that day. Not so with me. You can expect a 24 hour response time during the workweek.

3) Perhaps the biggest frustration business owners have with copywriters is their undependability. A promise is made about when something will be delivered… and then nothing comes. Some writers will actually use the excuse they weren’t inspired yet. You can count on creativity on-demand with me.

Conversion Copywriting that Will Get You Sales

It’s my job to make you irresistible to your ideal customer.

Whether it’s a website refresh, a new landing page, or figuring out what will make your home page click, I’ve got you covered.

Copy that Fits Your Brand

You'll get interviewed when we start working together and I’ll personally read what you’ve already written. By the end of this process, I'll know your beliefs, voice, and background almost as well as you. It’s my job to have a telepathy with your audience.

Valuable and Shareable

Some copywriters take a pass on using hard facts and stick to hype-y language. That’s not my style. People need to want to read (and even share) your copy, and the best way to do that is to keep the work interesting and valuable (using the research I already mentioned).

Beat Anything You've Written

It's not a competition, but if you've hired me to make you money, that's what I'll do. Not only will all my copy boost revenue as soon as you implement it, but it will beat any copy assets you've written so far (or your money back).

Business owners trust me and say things like...

“Over the last year and a half, Will wrote Facebook ads, lift notes, advertorials, and bullets to help me on several different projects. He’s a hungry, professional, and personable copywriter who’s not afraid of feedback and seemingly improves with every attempt.”

-Matt Rizvi (Rizvi Publishing)

“Will is extremely knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and blockchain and did a great job of meeting deadlines that fit into our overall project development.”

-Davide Carmeci (BeyondSkills)

“We needed conversion copywriting work done for a couple email nurture campaigns. Will worked with our tight deadlines, and nailed the voice and tone we were looking for.”

-Pei En Thong (Instant Financial)

“Will was incredibly easy to work with. On top of being personable on the phone, he had a fast response time and incorporated all the feedback I gave him until the work had the exact feel I was aiming for.”
-Lea Hermanns (POHA House)

Not only an incredible, high integrity copywriter but has a much more impressive skill...

An ability to SEE your business better than you see it yourself - and to strategize how to scale it in an authentic way.

Extremely rare.

-Pat Stedman (The Dynamic Man)

“Will was incredibly easy to work with. From the personalized outreach he sent me to his intuitive understanding of what my company does to how quickly he handled edits, it was an easy process and my agency is the better for it.”

-Steve Piper (Leadhub)

“I hired Will after having a bad experience with a previous writer. I always hope I can just hire someone and they “get it”. William was able to write thoughtful and persuasive email copy for me. He “got it”. He was able to take my project and run with it with very little instruction from me and produced great results.”

-Spencer Haws (FBA Master)

“Thank you very much, Will. Great job!”

–Tee Dos Santos (SocialWay Creative)

Maintain Momentum By Bringing In a Trusted Copy Advisor

When B2B and SaaS companies hit a point where they want to start running marketing campaigns at scale, they usually do 1 of 2 things:

1) Teach themselves copywriting and marketing to bring in new customers.

2) Hire and train employees who can take over some of the responsibilities.

I doubt you have time for either of these.

And more importantly, they probably won't get you the optimal copy for your business.

All the positives of working with me I mentioned above still apply. Your business’ path to prosperity starts when we…

  • Pinpoint the very specific target you should be focusing on

  • Make sure the structure of your offer is airtight

  • Formulate messaging that makes readers want to work with you

  • Create marketable assets that leads will love

  • Build TONS of social proof so everyone trusts you right off the bat

After that… I’ll create all the copy necessary to push your business to the next level.

Just remember, it’s your job to deliver high-quality products and services to your customers. It’s my job to get you more customers.

But don't take my word for it. Let's hop on the phone and talk about your business.

If I don't impress you with my ability to come up with (profitable) ideas on the go, and you don't feel like you can trust me with your business, then I won't even try to close you.

But if you like what you hear and think I'm the man for the job, then we'll select a first deliverable and get working on it right away.

How Do We Get Started?

Take a look at my portfolio to see if we’re a fit, then let’s hop on the phone for a call where I’ll learn more about your business and outline the first deliverable… even if we don’t work together!